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“PTMatch made finding my dream job so easy. I couldn't be happier with the practice I matched with.”

Lillian Hill

Lillian Hill

Streamline your job search

PTMatch simplifies the process of finding a job in Physical Therapy. We match you with practices that align not just with your skills, but with your values, desire for growth, and team preferences.

Streamline your job search

Save time and effort

With PTMatch, you can save a ton of time, effort, and frustration by letting us do the work for you. Whether that's finding your ideal practice, or finding your next rock star, let us work for YOU! While you focus on what you do best - helping patients.

Save time and effort

Build a successful career

PTMatch helps you build a successful and happy career in Physical Therapy by connecting you with practices that are the right fit for you. Whatever is most important for you, whether that's offering growth opportunities, a supportive work environment, aligned values, your ideal practice setting, aligned leadership, our job is to match you with the right fit for you and your career.

Build a successful career

"I was struggling to find the right practice to work with until I discovered PTMatch. It saved me so much time and stress."

Lily Carter


Employers or job seekers, who do you work with?

Well, we're a matchmaker, so we work with both. The process is a little bit different for each side, but the end goal is to find your best match. When we do our job, you are happy and have found your right fit.

Do you use an ATS (applicant tracking system) and will I have visibility into it?

Yes. We use an ATS, a kind of software that helps us attract, and evaluate candidates. And it will help you with the hiring process. And yes, you will have full visibility into your job postings, reach, and candidates going through the system.

Where will my jobs be posted?

We publish your jobs to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and a bevy of other platforms, while we also work to directly source candidates who are a match for you. And we will create your own custom careers page, too.

Will you share candidate assessments and answers from the initial screening process?

Absolutely. You will have visibility into your candidates’ assessments, answers, and our notes from our conversations with your candidates so you can make informed decisions about who to move forward with beyond just our recommendations.

Wait, I'm a candidate. What's this candidate assessment you're talking about?

Candidate assessments are all about fit. We're trying to match you with the best fit for you and for your new employer. We want to put your best foot forward while being as transparent and candid as we can. Great relationships are built on honesty and trust.

Do you only post and screen clinical staff?

Nope. That’s the most critical need for most practice’s, so that’s where we focus. But if you need us to help you with other positions in your company, just let us know. The fees and terms may be different, but we’ll let you know that before we get started.

When is the placement fee due for a candidate I hire?

That depends. For clinical staff and managers, 60 days after their start date. For administrative positions, 30 days after their start date. For executive and leadership positions, 30 days after their start date.

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Thanks to PTMatch, I found a practice that not only aligns with my skills but also offers a great culture, team, and benefits. I'm so excited to have started my new job! - Olivia Green

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